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Register Chinese Domain at newsbook, reduce price for client

A report by Hong Kong Daily  ( 01 April 2007)  



". hk" Chinese domain name is simple and clear, easy-to-remember. At present, without any conversion, the user only inputting Chinese characters in the web site browser will be able to connect to your website directly. Take advantage of the usual Chinese Web site registration, could let the mainly using Chinese people to visit your website, and give you more opportunities to get business! Newsbook thanks for customer support, from now on, as long as the application in Newsbook by the following of these Chinese domain name: Chinese. hk / Chinese. Company. hk / Chinese. organizations. hk domain name, the first year give $ 100 back. Chinese. hk, registration fees as follows: the first year of HKD150, year after HKD250. Chinese. co. hk / Chinese. organizations. hk, first year of its registration fee is HKD100, year after is HKD200. Concessionary numbers are limited; please call as soon as possible Newsbook: 2782-0197 to register a Chinese domain name for your company, so your company can get more business opportunities.
Besides, Newsbook provide a variety of domain name registration services, including international domain names (. Com,. Net,. Org,. Info,. Biz), Hong Kong domain name(.,.,., . edu. hk,., Chinese name. hk )..., meet your different needs.
In addition, Newsbook also provides web hosting service only a monthly fee starting from HKD48, you can enjoy fast and stable network system, the protection of the website which your customers visit continuously. In fact, Newsbook provide a full range of Internet services, including website hosting, web design, server rental and hosting and so on, could made by Newsbook! Newsbook server provided a 100Mbps high-speed broadband to support one of the busiest Internet connection applications. it’s stored data center Sunday can provide the entire 24-hour NOC monitoring and restart service. In a word, as long as you need, Newsbook can provide one-stop Internet service!
For more information about the services Newbook in detail, please visit Newsbook site: Or call 2782-0197 e-mail to: In Query.



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