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The rapid popularization of the Internet, as well as the Internet overwhelming technological innovation, take us truly entered the information period, the use of the Internet has a profound impact on every aspect of our lives. Especially in commercial applications, the effect is more significant. Now, send a letter through the traditional way has been not enough to meet the needs of information. More and more delivery information by e-mail, because e-mail not only send and receive are quick, reliable, but also easy to keep a recipient or Sent record, convenience to the search of records. Almost all companies now must communicate with other companies or customers by e-mail for business, without caring about each other in what country. Therefore a high-speed, stable e-mail server for a successful company is indispensable. Newsbook e-mail service is not only fast, stable, but also filtering the mail, on behalf of your isolation virus, spam, so smoothly in your work, set your heart in rest. Moreover Newsbook now back to clients for the supports, upgrade e-mail service space, e-mail space for each double increase from 30MB to 60MB of its capacity, E-mail space has increased, It is value! Customers no longer need to worry about Over-mail, and can not receive important messages, missed business opportunities. In addition, Newsbook for all e-mail servers with space for free distribution of functions, you could accordance with the needs of existing and new customers, easy to space the size of the e-mail for the mobilization. Free access to the above of enhanced reference services, is very convenient and meet your needs! This service upgrade, e-mail space has increased, but price is same. It’s very attractive discount! Newsbook e-mail server is the best choice for you. Apply for an account quickly.
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